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Herb Stovel, ICOMOS Secretary General (1990-1993)

Dear members of the ICOMOS family,

It was with immense sadness when, just returning from the Executive Committee meeting in Paris, I received Dinu Bumbaru’s call informing me of the death of Herb Stovel, a very dear friend and trusted advisor who was always there when I needed him.

It is an immense personal loss, but beyond that and more importantly, it is a greater loss for Canada, for ICOMOS, and for the entire heritage community of the world, where he always played a protagonist role in imagining and ensuring the best possible conservation amid all cultural contexts.

We can find some level of consolation in the legacy that he lovingly, intelligently and generously built during his entire adult life, especially among the hundreds of the younger generations whom he mentored and carefully ushered into the field of conservation.

Herb was a giant among giants, a trait that he ably disguised through the warmth of his humanity and his ever willingness to listen to all who approached him.

We will sorely miss him, but he will never be forgotten by those whom he touched and who will benefit from his work far into the future.

To Herb's family, my most sincere heartfelt condolences, along with assurances that we all join them in mourning for the loss of such an unusual and universally loved man.

Gustavo F Araoz
President of ICOMOS

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